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Michael Andrews, UCLA
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MS 6322

I graduated from MIT and am an assistant adjunct professor at UCLA, interested in homotopy theory. My CV is here. My advisor was Haynes Miller.

My primary interest is in the stable homotopy groups of spheres and I enjoy spectral sequence calculations. In my thesis, I described the Adams spectral sequence above a line. More recently, Haynes Miller and I calculated the eta-local homotopy of the motivic sphere spectrum over C. I have also discovered a new non-nilpotent self map of the cofiber of eta, which suggests that there is a lot still to be explored in chromatic motivic homotopy theory.

For more information you may like to read this. Alternatively, here are some notes from a recent talk I gave.

This Winter, I am teaching Math 131A and Math 115A.

Last summer, I taught Math 95.

A couple of springs ago, I taught Math 117.

I have also taught Math 31A and Math 31B.

I also make music. My "best" music can be found here. Recent material has been more abstract.
One time I made a track featuring Kathryn Hess. A mathematical process called convolution was used to help create this from conference talks, which we gave at Union College.

My thesis
The v1-periodic part of the Adams spectral sequence at an odd prime
The draft

Preprints in preparation
A non-nilpotent self map of S/eta over C
The eta-local motivic sphere over C - with Haynes Miller

Some pictures of spectral sequence E2 pages
Thank you to Yan Zhang for help with plotting the first two.
E2 page for the v1 periodic sphere at 5 - you'll need to wait for it to load and zoom out a lot
E2 page for the v1 periodic sphere at 7 - you'll need to wait for it to load and zoom out a lot
Generating the Adams E2 page at 2

BPcobar made by Amelia Perry.

A talk on Mahowald's eta_j elements - some notes for a talk I gave at the Thursday seminar in Harvard.