Bootcamp in Linear Algebra, Summer 2015

Time and place: MTWTh, 2pm-4pm, MS 5138.

Instructor: Mario Bonk

Office: MS 6137

Office hours: MTWTh after lectures and by appointment

E-mail: mbonk at

Phone: (310) 825-4948

Discussion session: Fr, 2pm-4pm, with Jacob Rooney

Textbook: P. Petersen, Linear Algebra, Springer, New York, 2012.

Course material: The bootcamp is intended to help incoming graduate students with passing the Basic Exam and prepare them for their future studies at UCLA. This part of the bootcamp covers Linear Algebra. The topics discussed includes the list of subjects relevant of the Linear Algebra part of the Basic Exam as specified on the Exam Webpage. Copies of Basic Exams from previous years can be found here: Past Qualifying Exams.

Material covered: (this is updated as the course progresses)

Homework assignments: (this is optional, but I strongly recommended that you work on these problems; the sections and problems refer to Petersen's book)