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Xiyang "Michael" Luo

Ph.D. Candidate in Mathematics

University of California, Los Angeles

I am a graduate student in the applied math program at UCLA. I started in Sept. 2013 after completing my undergraduate degree in mathematics at Zhejiang University. My advisor is Prof. Andrea L. Bertozzi, and I am currently working on graph cut models for data analysis under her supervision. I am a firm believer in the balance between theory and application in the field of applied mathematics, and hence I am most interested in projects that contain a bit of both. My name is pronounced "Shee-Young", but I also go by my English alias "Michael".

Research Interests

Graph cut models, machine learning, image processing, sparse dictionary learning, partial differential equations.


X.Luo & A. Bertozzi, Convergence Analysis of the Graph Allen-Cahn Scheme. (To be submitted)

X.Luo & B. Wohlberg, Convolutional Laplacian Sparse Coding. (Submitted to SSIAI 16')


Email: mathluo[at]math[dot]ucla[dot]edu

Office: IPAM 1129

Curriculum Vitae

Here is a link to my CV