Andy Manion

I am an Assistant Adjunct Professor at UCLA from Fall 2015 to Spring 2018, supported by an NSF MSPRF Research Instructorship. I received my Ph.D. from Princeton in 2015 under the supervision of Zoltán Szabó.

My research focuses on algebraic and representation-theoretic aspects of low-dimensional topology, especially Khovanov homology and Heegaard Floer homology. Recently I've been investigating relationships between Heegaard Floer homology, higher representations, and TQFTs, as well as Ozsváth-Szabó's new bordered theory for knot Floer homology. Links to papers I've written can be found under the "Research" tab.

I am teaching Math 131B (Analysis) at UCLA in Spring 2018. Links to course resources can be found under the "Teaching" tab.

My email address is manion at math dot ucla dot edu.