Math 110B - Algebra - Winter 2018

Lecture MWF 10-10:50am, MS 5138
Professor Chandrashekhar Khare
Office MS 6159
Office hours MW 2-3
Discussion T 10-10:50am, MS 5138
Teaching Assistant Laurent Vera
Office MS 6146
Office hours T 11-1, W 4-6

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Homework 1, due Friday 1/19. Note: given that there is more time to complete this homework, it will be longer than usual and worth twice as much as the other homework. Solutions.
Homework 2, due Friday 1/26. Solutions.
Homework 3, due Friday 2/2. Solutions.
Homework 4, due Friday 2/9. Solutions.
Homework 5, due Friday 2/16. Solutions.
Homework 6, due Friday 2/23. Solutions.
Homework 7, due Friday 3/2. Solutions.
Homework 8, due Friday 3/9. Solutions.
Homework 9, due Friday 3/16. Solutions.

Practice problems and midterms
Practice for midterm 1, and the solutions.
Solutions of the first midterm.
Practice for midterm 2, and the solutions.
Solutions of the second midterm.
Practice for the final, and the solutions.