Section 4 Spring 2017
Final: Monday June 12th @ 11:30. Will count 50%.

Homework: Will count 15%. Posted below.
Syllabus: Will follow departmental standard (more or less). Click here.
First Midterm: Friday April 28th. Will count 10%.
Book: Linear Algebra (UCLA Custom Edition) by S.H. Friedberg and A.J. Insel & L.E. Spence
Second Midterm: Friday May 26th. Will count 25%.
Due Monday April 10th (in class).
Math 115A
Due Friday April 14th (in class).
Due Monday April 24th (in class).
Due Monday May 15 (in class).
Due Friday May 19th (in class).
Turn in with second midterm.
Last Problem Set. Turn in with the Final.
Due TBA.
Due TBA.