Math 285J: Particle-In-Cell Techniques for Solids and Fluids
MS 7608, MWF, 10-10:50 PM
Professor: Joseph Teran
Office: MS 7619E
Office hours: MWF, 11-12


We will cover particle based simulation of continuum solids and fluids. Specifically, we will derive/implement Particle-In-Cell (PIC), Fluid Implicit Particle (FLIP) and Material Point Method (MPM) based simulation of incompressible fluids and compressible hyperelastic, plastic and granular materials. We will cover some of the associated continuum mechanics derivations of the governing equations as well.


You will implement a compressible, elastic solid/granular material solver. There will be one written HW assignment and one programming assignment. Grading will be 60% based on the solver and 40% based on the written HW.