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Jordy Greenblatt
PhD Candidate, UCLA Department of Mathematics

My real name is Jordan but the only people who ever called me that were intimidating teachers (because I never wanted to correct them), government officials (because I have an irrational fear of accidental perjury), or Starbucks baristas (because I hate seeing my name misspelled on cups). I grew up and went to college in the Northeast and then moved out to Los Angeles in 2011. I love it here and kindly ask the entire Eastern Seaboard to stop judging me for that. When they figure out how to put gorgeous mountains, free beaches, world-class comedy, dine-in theaters, museums built into mountains, fish taco trucks, and hobbit houses within a 10 mile radius, I'll start listening.

I am an ABD (all but dissertation) PhD student in the UCLA math department expecting to graduate in June of 2016. My research interests include (among other things) Fourier analysis, graph theory, algorithms, and probability. I hope that, after I finish my PhD, I can apply the skills I've learned to solve interesting real-word problems by designing and implementing sleek, efficient software.

In my free time I like to hike the aforementioned gorgeous mountains, write comedy, watch comedy, watch live comedy, juggle, swim, and explore all that LA has to offer.

Contact information
Office: UCLA Mathematical Sciences room 2954
Office Hours: Tuesday 11am, Thursday 12pm (Winter 2016)
Email: jordan.s.greenblatt at gmail