Mathematics 115A, Section 3, Winter 2001
Homework Assignments

Professor James H. White, MS 6617C

Office Hours: MWF 10:30 - 11:30 or by appointment

Time and Location: MTWF 1:00 - 1:50. MS 5147

Text: Linear Algebra by Friedberg, Insel, and Spence

Material: Lectures will be based on material from Chapters 1, 2 and some of 5 and 6. The student is expected to be familiar with the material from Chapters 3 and 4. (Such material is to be found in Math 33A). This course will be a theoretical course designed to lead into Math 115B which will be given in the Spring Quarter of 2001. In Math 115B the material from Chapters 5 and 6 not in Math 115A and Chapter 7 will be covered.



There will be no makeup exams for the course. If the midterm is missed for emergency reasons, see Professor White for a revised grading policy.

Homework will usually be assigned once a week on Wednesday and will be due on the following Wednesday. No late homework will be accepted.


The course will start with Chapter 1 and proceed directly through the text with certain sections omitted. Only section 5.1 and some of section 5.2 will be covered from Chapter 5, and only sections 6.1 through 6.4 will be covered from Chapter 6. Weekly material and homework for the course will be listed under virtual office hours on the web site for the course. These two items will be updated weekly as the course progresses.