Jaclyn Lang

I am a graduate student in the mathematics Ph.D. program at UCLA. I will be on the job market as of Fall 2015. I am interested in algebraic number theory, especially Galois representations, modular forms, and elliptic curves. My adviser is Haruzo Hida. You can find a copy of my CV here.

Publications and Preprints

Funding I've received

Math programs I have participated in:

*Program specifically for women

UCLA number theory group

The number theory group at UCLA has two seminars: the participating seminar and the research seminar. Here are some notes I wrote for my talk on abelian varieties. They are based on sections four and five of Mumford's book.

Other writings

Here are majors papers I've written for various degrees. I provide them mainly as samples for current students in similar programs.

Resources for undergraduate and high school students


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