Image Processing Seminars

UCLA Department of Mathematics and IPAM

The Image Processing Seminar is organized by Luminita Vese, in collaboration with Tony Chan and Stanley Osher, in the Department of Mathematics UCLA and IPAM.

It brings speakers from inside and outside of UCLA, raising issues and exchanging ideas on topics of current interest, mainly in connection with geometric nonlinear PDE's and variational problems, with applications to image processing and image analysis, curve evolution and computer vision.  Presentations on the applications of statistics, probabilities, wavelets and harmonic analysis to image processing are also of much interest and are welcomed, as well as those related to vision and human perception.

The format is not necessarily of a formal lecture presentation, since the purpose is more about discussing the shape of current problems as well as the possible path towards their solution.

Anyone interested in attending the Image Processing Seminar or in giving an informal presentation, should contact Luminita Vese at

Current Schedule (2003-2004)

Schedule for May 2002 - May 2003

Schedule for May 2001 - May 2002

Schedule for May 2000 - May 2001