Math 32A  Exam 1 Info

Wednesday, April 20, in class.

Duration: 50 minutes.

Sections covered: Sections 13.1-13.5, 12.1, and 14.1-14.3.  (Up to and including material from 4/15.)

No aids (in particular, no books, notes, or calculators) will be allowed on the exam.

Approximate number of problems: 4-5.

The problems on the exam will not deviate too much from the types of problems assigned on your homework.  Therefore, it is important that you spend enough time making sure you are comfortable with the assigned problems and problems similar to them.

If you are looking for extra problems to do (but only after you've mastered the homework problems), try the Review Exercises at the end of Chapters 13 and 14.

IMPORTANT: You must bring your ID card for admission to the exam.  To discourage cheating, I will also take snapshots of where everyone is sitting during the exam.

Grading: The exam is graded on a curve and roughly the top 25% will receive (some sort of) A and the next 30% will receive (some sort of) B.

Regrade policy: Apart from scores being added up incorrectly, if you believe some problems were graded in error, you must submit a written regrade request by the following Wednesday.  Your entire exam will be regraded and it is possible for you to lose points.  Please also be advised that some random exams will be scanned before they are returned.

Last modified:  April 10, 2016.