Registration, Support and Lodging



RegistrationIf you would like to attend this conference, please register.






SUPPORT The deadline for applying for support is March 31st.

We will be supporting graduate students and post-docs mainly for lodging (possibly in shared hotel rooms). We encourage all participants to obtain travel support from their own institution, though there is a limited fund to support travel. Graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who would like to get support, please email us with at least one recommendation letter by your supervisor.






Travel and Lodging – The conference begins on the morning of Monday, June 18th and the last talk will be on the morning of Saturday June 23rd, ending before noon. All talks will take place on the UCLA campus. We recommend that you arrive by the evening of June 17th, and depart on Saturday afternoon. For those students and postdocs receiving funding for lodging, arrangements will automatically be made for you at the Claremont Hotel. For other participants seeking accommodations, please make arrangements at a hotel in the area. Here is a list of hotels near the UCLA campus. Of course, there is plenty to see and do near UCLA; a link to some information about things to see and do near UCLA can be found here or here, and this is a list of nearby restaurants.






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