Analysis and Optimal Control of Robotic Swarm

California Research Training Program in Computational and Applied Mathematics
UCLA Applied Math Lab

The left is an image of “Kiwi” robot. It can turn to any direction
without rotating.

I have been leading the students of the robot team in California
Research Training Program for 2 summers (2015, 2016). We
conquered problems both in math theory and robot control frame.


  • F. Zhang, A. L. Bertozzi, K. Elamvazhuthi and S. Berman, “Performance Bounds On Spatial Coverage Task by Stochastic Robotic Swarms”. (To be submitted)

  • M. Haberland, F. Zhang, A. L. Bertozzi et al.“Decentralized Stochastic Control of Robotic Swarm Density:Theory, Simulation, and Experiment”. (Submitted to IEEE ACC 2017)


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