Erik Walsberg

Until June 2015 I was a graduate student in the Logic group
at UCLA working under Matthias Aschenbrenner.
Starting in September 2015 I will be a postdoc at the Hebrew Univerity of Jerusalem
working under Ehud Hrushovski, but I will actually be at Paris VI.

Email: {first name}{first letter of last name} at math dot ucla dot edu
Research Interests: Model Theoretic Tame Geometry (O-minimality, valued fields and so on).
My CV.


Interpreting the monadic second order theory of one successor in expansions of the real line,
(joint with Philipp Hieronymi).
On the topology of Metric Spaces Definable in o-minimal expansions of fields. (part of my thesis).
The Hausdorff dimension of metric spaces definable in o-minimal expansions of the real field,
(joint with Jana Maríková).
Tame Topology over Dp-minimal Structures (joint with Pierre Simon).
Isometric Embeddability of Snowflakes.
Dp-minimal Valued Fields (joint with Franziska Jahnke and Pierre Simon).
My thesis: Metric Geometry in a Tame Setting.
Slides from a Fall 2014 talk at WIU.
Poster from the Ravello 2013 conference containing a proof the Marker-Steinhorn Theorem.