by Ed Mell Erik Walsberg

Until June 2015 I was a graduate student in the Logic group
at UCLA working under Matthias Aschenbrenner.
Starting in September 2015 I will be a postdoc at the Hebrew Univerity of Jerusalem
working under Ehud Hrushovski, but I will actually be at Paris VI.

Email: {first name}{first letter of last name} at math dot ucla dot edu
Research Interests: Model Theoretic Tame Geometry (O-minimality, valued fields and so on).
My CV.


On the topology of Metric Spaces Definable in o-minimal expansions of fields. (part of my thesis).
The Hausdorff dimension of metric spaces definable in o-minimal expansions of the real field,
(joint with Jana Maríková).
Tame Topology over Dp-minimal Structures (joint with Pierre Simon).
Isometric Embeddability of Snowflakes.
Dp-minimal Valued Fields (joint with Franziska Jahnke and Pierre Simon).
My thesis: Metric Geometry in a Tame Setting.
Slides from a Fall 2014 talk at WIU.
Poster from the Ravello 2013 conference containing a proof the Marker-Steinhorn Theorem.