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About Me:
I am a postdoc at The Hebrew University working with Ehud Hrushovski.

My main areas of focus are arithmetic deformation theory and the algebraic theory of differential equations (differential algebra) --- I'm particularly interested in differential algebraic constructions in arithmetic which tend to be related to field with one element/absolute geometric constructions. I work a lot with p-jet spaces, p-derivations, and Frobenius endomorphisms. I'm pretty much open to talking to anyone about any type of math so if you want to talk about something please send me an email.

I am currently co-organizing a conference on Arithmetic and Algebraic Differentiation.

Here is a picture of me:
picture of me

Old News:

*I organized a special session on Arithmetic and Differential Algebraic Geometry for the 2014 Western Sectional Meeting in Albuquerque.
*I was at MSRI (Berkeley) for the program in  Model Theory, Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory (Spring 2014)
*Slides from the
Witt Vectors, Lifting and Descent Special Session for the Joint Mathematics Meeting in San Diego can be found here.