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About Me:
I am currently at The Hebrew University working with Ehud Hrushovski.

My advisor is Alex Buium and my research is in Arithmetic Geometry. My main areas of focus are arithmetic deformation theory and  the algebraic theory of differential equations (differential algebra) --- I am also am interested in field with one element/absolute geometric constructions. I work a lot with p-jet spaces,  p-derivations, and Frobenius endomorphisms. I'm pretty much open to talking to anyone about any type of math so if you want to talk about something please send me an email.

Here is a picture of me:
picture of me

Old News:

*I organized a special session on Arithmetic and Differential Algebraic Geometry for the 2014 Western Sectional Meeting in Albuquerque.
*I was at MSRI (Berkeley) for the program in  Model Theory, Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory (Spring 2014)
*Slides from the Witt Vectors, Lifting and Descent Special Session for the Joint Mathematics Meeting in San Diego can be found here.