Christian Parkinson

Graduate Teaching Assistant
UCLA Mathematics Department
Los Angeles, CA, USA 90095-1555
Office IPAM 1129
E-Mail chparkin at math .ucla .edu
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About Me
My name is Christian Parkinson. I am a third year graduate student in the Mathematics department at UCLA specializing in applied mathematics. Currently I am working on a project with Andrea Bertozzi and Stan Osher wherein we are applying level set methods to problems in environmental crime modeling (poaching and deforestation). Before coming to UCLA, I received my BS and MS in Computational and Applied Mathematics at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. For my Master's thesis, I studied mathematical modeling of in-host HIV dynamics with spatial aspects under the advice of Steve Pankavich. Since August 2015, I have lived in Los Angeles. My hobbies include books, movies, TV, trivia, retro video games (particularly SNES) and generally staying indoors.

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