MATH 227A Algebraic Topology
Instructor: Christian Haesemeyer
Office: MS 6304
phone: 310-825-3364
Office hours:By appointment.

Time and Location:
  • MWF 9am, MS 5217

  • Syllabus and assignments:
    The class will have to major topics: cohomology, and basics of homotopy theory. In the first part we will study cohomology and the cup product on cohomology - all with particular attention to the cohomology of manifolds. In the second part, we will introduce basic notions of homotopy theory, and tie everything together with a study of obstruction theory.

  • We are going to use: Alan Hatcher, Algebraic Topology, Cambridge 2001. Also available free for download at Prof. Hatcher's website. And, James F. Davis & Paul Kirk, Lecture Notes in Algebraic Topology, AMS 2001. Neither book is required, attending lectures and taking notes should be sufficient.