MATH 210C Algebra
Instructor: Christian Haesemeyer
Office: MS 6304
phone: 310-825-3364
Office hours:M 2 W 11 F 1.

Time and Location:
  • Lectures: MWF 9am, MS 5137
  • Discussion: Th 9am, MS 5137

  • Syllabus and assignments:
    This class is the third part of the three-quarter graduate algebra sequence, whose official course description can be found here. Part C will cover infinite Galois theory, commutative algebra, and some algebraic number theory.

  • We are going to rely on a variety of sources. A good book covering much (but not all) of what we will do is: Serge Lang, Algebra (revised 3rd Edition), Springer 2002. However the book is not required, attending lectures and taking notes should be sufficient.

  • Homework 1, due Friday April 17.

  • Grading: The final grade will be based on homework assignments.