UCLA Combinatorics Seminar

Department of Mathematics
University of California, Los Angeles

Organizers: Igor Pak and Benny Sudakov


Regular meeting time: Thursday 1:50 - 2:50 P.M.
Place: MS 6229

Spring 2010 Lectures

Speaker Title and Abstract Slides
April 1 Asaf Shapira, Georgia Tech
The Quasi-Randomness of Hypergraph Cut Properties PPT
April 8 Matjaz Konvalinka, Vanderbilt University
Weighted branching formulas for the hook lengths PDF
April 15 Hao Huang, UCLA
A counterexample to the Alon-Saks-Seymour conjecture and related problems PDF
April 22 Jan Vondrak, IBM Almaden Research Center
Concentration bounds for dependent randomized rounding PDF
April 29 Einar Steingrimsson, Reykjavik University
The coloring complex of a graph and the chromatic polynomial PDF
May 6 Lenny Fukshansky, Claremont McKenna College
On the Frobenius problem and covering radius of a lattice
May 13 Shanghua Teng, USC
The Laplacian Paradigm: Emerging Algorithms for Massive Graphs
May 20 Eyal Lubetzky, Microsoft research
Index coding via linear programming
May 27 Igor Pak, UCLA
The case of the MacMahon Master theorem

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