Hike information

There will be a hike on Sunday, August 25. The destination is the area of Kokořín Valey, which you can find slightly north of Mělník. The main attraction are the rock formations in a canyon carved by small creak into otherwise flat terrain and the castle of Kokořín pictured here. A fairly basic route around the canyon will be about 15 kilometers long.

To get there, we will take a bunch of local trains (Prague -> Všetaty -> Mělník -> Mšeno). The (first) train departs from

Hlavní Nádraží (C line, the main train station in Prague) at 7:45 AM

The meeting point will be in the hall that you enter as soon as you get out of the subway, right in front of the middle escalators to the upper level. We will take a count of the people at 7:30 AM an buy the corresponding number of tickets. Whoever arives late should buy their own ticket (return, same day, to Mšeno). Further details will be disucussed at the lectures on Friday.

Here is a link for tram/metro connection from Hotel Crystal to Hlavní Nádraží.

What to bring along: a bottle of water, reasonable footware, sun protection. There are pubs and other joyful establishments in and near the canyon, so we can get food and more inspiring selection of beverages there. Don't worry about having to get up early; you can catch up on your sleep during the train ride (which will take about 2 hours).

Expected return time: Around 8PM.

Contact numbers for Marek: +420-734-439-063 and Roman: +420-777-069-142