MATH 131A: Winter 2019


lecturer: Marek Biskup, MS 6180
lecture: MWF 9-10 in MS 5138
office hours: M 1-2, W 10-11, F 11-12
discussion: T 9-10 in MS 5138, TA: William Swartworth

Class notes: can be found here. These notes contain an expanded version of the material taught in the lectures. What you get here is a preliminary version so please report all errors you may find. Please consider the notes as a supplement to the book; particularly, when you find the explanation in the book too light or lacking detail.


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General information:

Textbook: Kenneth A. Ross, Elementary Analysis: The Theory Of Calculus, Springer, 1980

Topics to be covered: see MATH 131A course outline

Midterm: in class on Wednesday, Feb 6

Final exam: Friday, March 22, 8-11AM

Exam policy: No make-ups, no open book or calculators, ID required

Homework: assigned via this website, due Wednesday (on the date posted) at the beginning of class

Homework policy: lowest HW score dropped, no late HW accepted

Grading: Homework 10% and the better of Midterm 30% + Final 60% OR Final 90%