Conference Proceedings

The organizers, in conjunction with the new journal Applied Mathematics Research eXpress is putting together a proceedings of the workshop.

We are soliciting papers from workshop speakers and participants that address one of the following areas:

(a) New mathematical results connected with the scientific focus of the workshop. These results could include computational, asymptotic, analytical, or modelling approaches. Also new computational algorithms are welcome as well.

(b) Results from physical experiments for which a full scientific understanding is lacking and for which the authors believe some mathematical theory is needed. In this case we ask the authors to (1) document the physical results including data from experiments (this could be previously published data provided that the publication is carefully cited) and (2) provide a careful review of the state of the mathematical literature as it pertains to the problem of interest along with some explanation of what kind of results you would like to see in the future associated with the problem.

(c) Experimental confirmation of a recent mathematical theory for which the experimental data is new and has not been published. It is possible to combine ideas from (b) and (c) and we request that the authors clearly present how the mathematics connects to the physics (or might connect) in both cases.

While we are not suggesting any particular page length for the articles, we ask the authors to use good judgement in having the page length be appropriate for the nature of the results presented in the paper. Both letter-length and full length articles will be considered.

All speakers are invited to submit articles. In the case of student and postdoc participants, we ask that they consider submitting an article in collaboration with a senior mentor or with approval of the manuscript by a senior mentor prior to submission.

All manuscripts will be peer reviewed according to the guidelines of AMRX. Participation in the workshop is not an automatic guarantee of acceptance of your manuscript for publication in AMRX.