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Current Research Grants and Contracts

  1. DARPA, Variational Methods on Graphs for Identification on Transaction Networks, Feb 1 2018-Jan 29, 2020. Award number FA8750-18-2-0066.
  2. ATD: Sparsity Models for Forecasting Spatio-Temporal Human Dynamics NSF DMS-1737770, 9/15/17-8/31/20, with P. J. Brantingham and S. J. Osher
  3. Simons Math + X Investigator Award number 510776. 7/2017-6/2022
  4. NSF grant DMS-1659676 REU Site: Mathematical Modeling at UCLA, 7/2017-6/2020, M. Roper PI.
  5. City of Los Angeles, Gang Reduction Youth Development (GRYD) Analysis Program, subaward to UCLA from CSULA, 3/2016-6/2017; P. J. Brantingham PI.
  6. NIJ Grant Number: 2014-R2-CX-0101, Testing and Evaluating Body Worn Video Technology in The Los Angeles Police Department, Cecilia Glassman (PI), Los Angeles Police Foundation, 1/1/15-9/31/18, subaward to UCLA with P. J. Brantingham.
  7. NGA NURI grant HM02101410003, "Sparsity models for spatiotemporal analysis and modeling of human activity and social networks in a geographic context", 10/24/14-4/30/19, with S. Osher, P. J. Brantingham and G. Tita (UC Irvine)
  8. NSF grant DMS-1417674 Extreme-scale algorithms for geometric graphical data models in imaging, social and network science, 8/1/14-12/31/18.
  9. NSF grant CMMI-1435709 Collaborative Research: Modeling, Analysis, and Control of the Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Swarm Robotic Systems, 9/1/14-8/31/18, joint with Spring Berman, Arizona State University.

Past Research Funding

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