REU Research Summer 2014

Senior Faculty Oversight

  • Prof. Andrea Bertozzi, UCLA, Overall Program, contagion, microscopy, fluids, crime, networks
  • Prof. P. Jeffrey Brantingham, UCLA Anthropology, Crime models and networks
  • Prof. Deanna Needell, Claremont McKenna College, Data analysis
  • Prof. Stanley Osher, UCLA Mathematics, Image Processing and Sports Rankings
  • Prof. Marcus Roper, UCLA Mathematics, biological modeling
  • Prof. Paul Weiss, Director California NanoSystems Institute, microscopy
  • Prof. Mark Cohen, UCLA Neuroscience
  • Prof. Wotao Yin, UCLA Mathematics, Large Data Analysis
  • Dr. Arjuna Flenner, China Lake Naval Center
  • Prof. F. Schoenberg, UCLA Statistics, Point Process Models

    2014 Projects, mentors, assistants, and participants

    Social networks and large data -PIC Lab left

    mentor: Dr. Blake Hunter, Adj. Asst. Prof. UCLA, Asst. Prof. Claremont McKenna College (starting summer 2014), Eric Fox (UCLA Stats PhD student), project PIs: Andrea Bertozzi and P. Jeffrey Brantingham
  • Baichuan "Tracy" Yuan, Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China (CSST program)
  • Daniel Moyer, UCLA
  • Cristina Lopez, Pomona College
  • Eric Lai, UC Irvine
  • Zhaoyi Meng, UCLA PhD student
  • Xiyang Luo, UCLA PhD student
  • Alexandre Robicquet, visiting masters student from Paris

    Video tracking of airborne toxins - PIC Lab right

    mentor: Jing Qin, Adj. Asst. Prof. UCLA , project PIs: Stanley J. Osher and Andrea Bertozzi, UCLA; Thomas Laurent Loyola Marymount
  • Jared Rohe, Univ. of San Francisco
  • Jasmine Dahilig, Loyola Marymount
  • Kevin Bui, UCLA
  • Ricardo Vicente Robles Tan, Loyola Marymount
  • Shuyi Wang, UCLA, undergraduate research assistant

    Experiments and models of particle slurries - AML 3355

    mentor Dr. Dirk Peschka Weierstrass Inst. Berlin; project PI Andrea Bertozzi
  • Kaiwen Huang, lab assistant UCLA
  • Sarah Burnett, UNC Chapel Hill
  • Andrew Li, UCLA
  • Matthew Molinare, UCLA
  • Katherine Varela, CSULB

    Contagion Modeling - 6187 Applied Computing Lab

    mentor: Adj. Asst. Prof. Li Wang, graduate mentor Flavien Leger(NYU); project PIs: Andrea Bertozzi and P. Jeffrey Brantingham, UCLA; Milind Tambe USC
  • Eva Brayfindley, Univ. San Francisco
  • Lusine Kamikyan, UCLA
  • Matt Lam, Harvey Mudd College
  • John Wu, UCLA
  • Yabin Zhang, undergraduate research assistant, UCLA

    Microscopy and image processing - 7620 cubicle south

    mentor: Adj. Asst. Prof. Dominique Zosso; project PIs: Andrea Bertozzi, Stanley J. Osher, Paul Weiss
  • Morgan Weiss, CSULB
  • James Stevick, Claremont McKenna College
  • Nicholas Takaki, Carnegie Mellon
  • Jing An, UCLA, research assistant

    Fungal spore fluid dynamics - Roper Lab

    Project mentor and PI: Marcus Roper
  • Linda Ma, UCLA
  • Alec Damien Martinez, UCLA
  • Michael Tomasek, UCLA
  • Nathan Bell, UCLA
  • Boya Song, UCLA
  • Ivy Yi Yang, UCLA

    Organized Crime on Networks and Analysis of networks - PIC Lab right

    mentor, Asst. Adj. Prof. Michaela "Puck" Rombach; project PIs: Andrea Bertozzi and P. Jeffrey Brantingham, Assistant mentor, Charlie Marshak, UCLA PhD Student
  • Miguel Hidalgo, UCLA
  • Juan Carlos Apitz, CSULB
  • Michael Libucha, Harvey Mudd College
  • Robert Gevorkyan, UCLA

    Autonomous robots and environmental mapping - AML 3355

    mentor: Ke Yin Asst. Adj. Prof. UCLA; project PIs: Andrea Bertozzi Stan Osher and Luminita Vese UCLA, Rick Chartrand and Brendt Wohlberg Los Alamos National Lab
  • Simon Zou, UCLA
  • Matthew Lin, Harvey Mudd College
  • Mitchell Horning, Harvey Mudd College
  • Siddarth Srinivasan, Harvey Mudd College

    Neuroscience Data - PIC Lab left

    mentor: Prof. Deanna Needell, Claremont McKenna College, Wesley Kerr, graduate student in biomath; project PIs: Stanley J. Osher, Andrea Bertozzi, Mark Cohen, UCLA
  • Susannah Shoemaker, Pomona College
  • Arpineh Asadoorian, UCLA
  • Christian Ayala, Claremont McKenna College
  • Jessica Nadalin, UC Berkeley
  • Ryan McCarthy, UCLA (undergraduate research assistant)

    Large Data Analysis - 7620 cubicle north

    mentor: Ming Yan, Adj. Asst. Prof. UCLA; project PI: Wotao Yin
  • Hao-Jun Michael Shi, UCLA
  • Qi Yang, USC
  • Kayla Suzan Shapiro, UC Berkeley
  • Jerry Luo, UCLA

    Large Data II - PIC Lab left

    mentors: James von Brecht, postdoc UCLA; Chris White, PhD student U Texas Austin; Travis Meyer PhD student UCLA; Project PIs: Prof. A. Bertozzi; P. Jeffrey Brantingham (UCLA Anthro), F. Schoenberg (UCLA stats)
  • Hao Li, UCLA (undergraduate research assistant)
  • Yiben Yang, UCLA (undergraduate research assistant)
  • Ufuk Kanat, UCLA (undergraduate research assistant)
  • Jia Li, UCLA (undergraduate research assistant)
  • Yuan Yuan Fu, UCLA (undergraduate research assistant)

    Practical Compressive Signal Processing - PIC Lab left

    Mentor: Prof. Deanna Needell, Claremont McKenna College
  • Xiaoyi Gu, UCLA (undergraduate research assistant)
  • Shenyingying (Ruby) Tu, UCLA (undergraduate research assistant)
  • Alison Kingman, Harvey Mudd College
  • James LaManna, Pitzer College
  • Christopher David Garnatz, Pomona College

    Students who have gone to graduate school

  • Evangelina Brayfindley, NC State, PhD program in Mathematics
  • Dan Moyer, USC, PhD program in Computer Science
  • Jerry Luo, Univ. Arizona, PhD program in Mathematics
  • Kevin Bui, Northwestern PhD Program in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences
  • Baichuan "Tracy" Yuan, UCLA PhD program in Mathematics
  • John Wu, Masters program at NYU in Scientific Computing
  • Nick Takaki, PhD program in Optics at Univ. Rochester
  • James Stevick, Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Univ. Michigan
  • Morgan Weiss, PhD program in Mathematics at Florida State University
  • Yabin Zhang, PhD program in Computational and Applied Mathematics at Rice University
  • Andrew Li, Physics PhD program at The University of Pennsylvania
  • Jessica Nadalin, Mathematics PhD program at Boston University
  • Susannah Shoemaker, PhD program in Computational and Applied Mathematics at Princeton
  • Lusine Kamikyan, Ph.D program in Applied Math in Purdue University
  • Yuan Yuan (Rachel) Fu, Masters in Statistics at Harvard
  • Yiben Yang, Northwestern University PhD program in Statistics
  • Kayla Shapiro, Imperial College London, MSc in Computing Science
  • Boya Song, PhD Program in Applied Mathematics at MIT
  • Linda Ma, UC Davis graduate program in biochemistry, molecular, cellular and developmental biology
  • Qi Yang, Ph D program in the Institute of Data, Society, and Systems at MIT
  • Jing An, PhD program in ICME at Stanford
  • Arpineh Asadoorian, Master in Finance Program at USC
  • Eric Lai, PhD program in Statistics, UC Irvine
  • Hao Li, PhD program in Mathematics, UCLA
  • Hao-Jun Michael Shi, Northwestern Univ. Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences PhD program
  • Siddarth Srinivasan, Ph.D. Program in Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Ivy Ye Yang, Doctoral program in Dental Surgery, Univ. of the Pacific School of Dentistry
  • Kaiwen Huang, Master in Computer Science, UCLA
  • Robert Gevorkyan, PhD program in Computer Science, UC Irvine

    Students who have gone on to industry

  • Jasmine Dahilig, Software Engineer at Factual Inc
  • Ryan McCarthy, Shopping Quality Analyst, Google Dublin
  • Matthew Molinare, Scientist at Arete Associates
  • Robert Gevorkyan, Data Engineer at Playstudios
  • James La Manna, Analyst, Analysis Group
  • Alison Kingman, Software Engineer, Google
  • Christian Ayala, Software Engineer, Bloomberg L. P.
  • Kayla Shapiro, Software Engineer at BBC, London UK