List of Summer 2010 REU Participants for UCLA RTG Program

name, school, project

Paul Latterman, UCLA, fluids
Trystan Koch, HMC, fluids
Brian Le, UCLA, fluids
Jake Bouricius, HMC, fluids
Samantha Mersuro, HMC, fluids
Sam Lim, UCLA, airborne toxins
Daniel Waltrip, UCLA, airborne toxins
Monica Yoo, CSULB (masters), airborne toxins
Michael Borghese, CSULB (masters), airborne toxins
Alex Honda, UCLA, airborne toxins
Xiaodong (Jef) Huang, UCLA, atomic force microscopy
Kevin Thompson, UC Berkeley, atomic force microscopy
Kym Louie, HMC, crime models
Mark Allenby, Pepperdine, crime models
Marina Masaki, UC Irvine, crime models
Alex McAuley, HMC, aquatic robots
Will Ferenc, HMC, aquatic robots
Paige Pruitt, HMC, aquatic robots
Edwin Huang, UCLA, ground based robots
Benjamin Irvine, UCLA, ground based robots
Max Gonzales, HMC, ground based robots
Hannah Kim, UCLA, bone growth
Ryan Wilson, UCLA, bone growth
Ian Drayer, UCLA, bone growth
Christian Blanco, UCLA, bone growth
Austin Adams, CSULB (masters), placental imaging
Ahn Nguyen, UCLA, placental imaging
Ben Jones, HMC, placental imaging
Chris Lee, CSULB (masters), stock markets
Jack Newhouse, HMC, stock markets
Alex Livenson, UCLA, stock markets
Eshed Ohn-Bar, UCLA, stock markets

Students who have gone on to graduate school

Alex McAuley, Masters in Wireless Communication, UCLA
Samantha Mesuro, UC Irvine, Masters in Urban and Regional Planning
Trystan Koch, Univ. of Maryland Electrical and Computer Engineering
Paul Latterman, Masters in Bioengineering, UCLA
Ryan Wilson, Masters Program, Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering, Stanford
Marina Masaki, Masters in Statistical Practice, Carnegie-Mellon
Christian Blanco, NSF graduate fellowship at Carnegie-Mellon
Michael Borghese, Univ. of Arizona PhD program in Mathematics
Eshed Ohn-Bar, Masters in Education, UCLA, PhD program in Electrical Engineering, UCSD
Ahn Nguyen, PhD program in Mathematics, UC Berkeley
Benjamin Irvine, Masters Program in Computer Science, Stanford
Ian Drayer, PhD program in Mathematics, Duke University
Mark Allenby, MsC in Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London, current PhD student at Imperial College London
Alex Livenson, Masters in Mathematics, UCLA (Dept. Scholar)

Students who have gone on to industry positions

Maximillian Gonzalez, Firmware Engineer at Euvis, Inc.
Paige Pruitt, Electrical Engineer at Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems; Embedded Systems Engineer at KeyMe
Alex McAuley (after grad school), Electrical Engineering - Sensor R&D Medtronic
Alex Honda, Contractor for Hughes Research Laboratories, Malibu CA
Samuel Lim, Allocation Analyst, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Samantha Mesuro, Systems Analysis and Research Intern Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Kym Louie, Mathematician and Data Scientist, PredPol; Software Developer, Epic; Software Engineer, Google
Alex Livenson, Quality Assurance Engineer, Eccentex Corp.
Monica Yoo, Hyundai
Hannah Kim, Business Systems Consultant, Wells Capital Management - Technology
Marina Masaki (after grad school), Strategist, Google
Jake Bouricius, Software Engineer at Stride Health
Daniel Waltrip, Full Stack Web Developer at AltSchool
Will Ferenc, Instrumentation Engineer, SpaceX
Ryan Wilson (after grad school), Software Engineer at 10X Genomics

Students in Education

Austin Adams, Teacher at Desert Christian High School

Support provided by NSF RTG grant DMS-0601395, UC Lab Fees research fund, NSF grant DMS-0907931, NSF grant DMS-0914856, NSF grant CBET-0940417