List of Summer 2009 REU Participants for UCLA RTG Program

name, school, project, mentor

Oliver Ortlieb, HMC, Whale tails, Eldredge
Chris Fathauer, HMC, Crime, Mohler
Kym Louie, HMC, Crime, Mohler
Michael Egesdal, UCLA, Crime, Mohler
Jeremy Neuman, UCLA, Crime, Mohler
Paul Latterman, UCLA, fluids, Murisic
KH Lin, UCLA, fluids, Murisic
Joyce Ho, UCLA, fluids, Murisic
Vincent Hu, UCLA, fluids, Murisic
Trystan Koch, HMC, fluids, Stechmann
Stephen Lee, HMC, clouds, Stechmann
Dmitri Skjorshammer, HMC, clouds, Stechmann
Russell Melick, HMC, clouds, Stechmann
Bryce Lampe, HMC, imaging, Wittman
Keven Chan, HMC, imaging, Wittman
Sarah Loeb, HMC, imaging, Wittman
Kate Burger, HMC, imaging, Wittman
Sam Lin, UCLA, imaging, Wittman
Alex Honda, UCLA, imaging, Wittman
Xiaodong (Jef) Huang, UCLA, imaging, Wittman
Allan Garcia, UCLA, imaging, Wittman
Sheida Rahmani, UCLA imaging, Wittman
Robert Keith Stephens, UCLA, imaging, Wittman
Hai H. Dai, UCLA, imaging, Wittman
Nizar Almoussa, UCLA, imaging, Wittman
Amit Friedman, UCLA, imaging, Wittman
Brittany Dutra, UCLA, imaging, Wittman
Yohannes Fessehatsion, UCLA, imaging, Wittman
Jian Seo, UCLA, imaging, Wittman
I-An Chen, UCLA, imaging, Wittman
Daria Merkurjev, UCLA imaging, Wittman
Kit Curtius, UCLA, crime models, Mohler
Bryant Hirai, UCLA, crime models, Mohler

Support provided by NSF RTG grant DMS-0601395, NSF grant BCS-0527388, NGA grant HM1582-06-1-2034, UC Lab research fund, ARO MURI grant 50363-MA-MUR, ONR grants N000140610059 and N000140710431.

Students who have gone on to graduate school

I-An Chen, PhD program in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT
Jeremy Neumann, PhD program in Physics, Univ. of Chicago
Michael Egesdal, PhD program in Economics, Harvard
Sheida Rahmani, Masters in Applied Mathematics, UC Irvine
Kit Curtius, NSF Graduate Fellow, PhD program in Applied Mathematics, Univ of Washington
Bryant Hirai, PhD program in Applied Mathematics, Univ of Washington
Yohannes Fessehatsion, Graduate Program in Applied Mathematics, Claremont Graduate University
Daria Merkurjev, PhD student in Public Health, UCSD
Alex Honda, Masters program in CS, UC Irvine
Trystan Koch, Ph D program in Physics, Univ. Maryland
Kanhui Lin, Master of Science in Computational Finance, Carnegie Mellon
Paul Latterman, Masters in Bioengineering, UCLA
Sarah Loeb, Graduate student at Univ. IL Urbana-Champaign

Students who are in industry

Oliver Ortlieb, cofounder of Layer By Layer (3D printing company); Software Engineer at MakerBot
Joyce Ho, Process Controls/Instrumentation Engineering at Air Products
Dmitri Skjorshammer, Entrepreneur San Francisco, CA (Computer Software)
Russell Melick, Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn
Bryce Lampe, Senior Software Engineer, Uber
Nizar Almoussa, Software Engineer in Test II at Expedia, Inc.
Kym Louie, Mathematician and Data Scientist, PredPol; Software Developer, Epic; Software Engineer, Google
Bryant Hirai, Monetization Associate at Playtika Santa Monica (Investment Management)
Yohannes Fessehatsion, Project Director, Socratic Technologies
Brittany Dutra, Software Engineer at Booshaka, Management Consulting