List of Summer 2007 REU Participants for UCLA RTG Program

name, school, mentor, project

Ani Asatryan, UCLA, Laub and Xia, MATLAB control algorithms
James von Brecht, UCLA, Sesh, Video tracking
Arash Fayz, UCLA, Short, Crime Hotspots
Meiching Fong, UCLA, Wittman and Morel, hyperspectral imaging
Robert Glidden, UCLA, Ward, fluid lab
Zhong Hu, UCLA, Wittman and Morel, hyperspectral imaging
Tiffany Meshkat, UCLA, Pasour, Crime Hotspots
Brian So, UCLA, Pasour, Crime Hotspots
Christopher Fox, Harvey Mudd, Ward, Fluids Lab
Parousia Rockstroh, Harvey Mudd, Ward, Fluids Lab
Trevor Ashley, Harvey Mudd, Zhipu Jin, Robotic boundary tracking
Howard Wang, UCLA, Sesh, Videotracking
Aaron Chen, UCLA, Sesh, Videotracking
David Hwang, UCLA, Sesh, Videotracking
Stephen Rosenthal, Harvey Mudd, Levy, Film models
Arthur de Valle, UCLA, Pasour, Crime Hotspots
Sudeep Desai, UCLA, Pasour, Crime Hotspots
Megan Miller, UCLA, Short, Crime Hotspots
Kate Jaffe, UCLA, Laub and Xia
Ilina Sandler, UCLA, Laub and Xia
Tracy Nguyen, UCLA, Laub and Xia
William Hourigan, UCLA, Ward, Fluids Lab
Kenn Tevin, Harvey Mudd, Short, Crime Hotspots
Ying Vuong, UCLA, Short, Crime Hotspots
Vicknesh Selvam, UCLA, Wittman, Hyperspectral Imaging
Mario Lopez, UCLA, Ward, Fluids lab

Support provided by NSF RTG grant DMS-0601395, NSF VIGRE grant, NSF grant BCS-0527388, NGA grant HM1582-06-1-2034, ARO MURI grant 50363-MA-MUR, ONR grants N000140610059 and N000140710431.

Students who have gone on to graduate school

Chris Fox, graduate school in statistics, Univ. of Chicago
Ani Asatryan, PhD in Mathematics 2015, UC Irvine
James von Brecht, PhD in Applied Mathematics, UCLA
Robert Glidden, Masters student in Mechanical Engineering, UCLA
Tiffany Meshkat, Univ of Leiden, PhD Student in Astronomy
Parousia Rockstroh, Simon Fraser University, Masters student in Applied Mathematics, PhD student at Univ. of Cambridge, UK
Tracey Nguyen, Masters Student Mathematics, Cal Poly Pomona
Vicknesh Selvam, PhD student in Mathematics, UCSB
Stephen Rosenthal, Graduate Student at Georgia Tech
Meiching Fong, Masters in Applied Math, Univ. Houston

Students in Industry

Ani Asatryan, The Aerospace Corporation
Arash Fayz, Associate Price Waterhouse Coopers; LA Tutors 123, Fortune Tutoring Group (Founder)
Meching Fong, Senior Actuarial Analyst at Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance
Stephen Rosenthal, Software Development Engineer at
Trevor Ashley, Electro Scientific Industries, Portland Oregon
Kenn Tevin, Financial Engineer with Moody's Wall Street Analytics in South San Francisco
Ilina Sandler, Actuarial Analyst at Towers Watson
Sudeep Desai, Actuarial Analyst and Transamerica

Students in Education

James von Brecht, Asst. Prof. tenure track CSULB