List of Summer 2006 REU Participants for UCLA RTG Program

name, school, mentor, project

Meghdi Aboulian, UCLA, Navasca, coordinating robots
Ani Asatryan, UCLA, Navasca, coordinating robots
Vatche Attarian, HMC, Navasca, coordinating robots
Jon Azose, HMC, D'Orosogna and Brantingham, crime hotspots
Meiching Fong, UCLA, Bertozzi, Morel, and Chen, hyperspectral imaging
Boris Gutman, UCLA, Chan, image processing
Zhong Hu, UCLA, Bertozzi, Morel, and Chen, hyperspectral imaging
Jeffrey Hyman, St. Olaf College, Caflisch, materials science
Abhijeet Joshi, UCLA, Bertozzi, Huang, and Leung, design of sensor-equipped vehicles
Krystle McBride, HMC, Navasca, coordinating robots
Asher Metchik, UCLA, Ward, mixing in a rotating inclined cylinder
Jason Reich, UCLA, Ratsch, materials science
Wyatt Toolson, HMC, Bernoff, swarming dynamics
Will Tipton, HMC, Ward, slurry flow experiment
James Von Brecht, UCLA, Chan, image processing
Vlad Voroninski, UCLA, Bertozzi, Huang, and Leung, video tracking of robotic vehicles
Chi Wey, UCLA, Ward/Bertozzi, slurry flow experiment

Group Events

Weekly lunch meeting for visiting students - Prof. Bernoff
Twice weekly problem solving sessions - Julia Dobrosotskaya

Students who have gone on to graduate school

James von Brecht - PhD student in Applied Mathematics at UCLA
Vlad Voroninski - PhD student in Mathematics at UC Berkeley, NSF graduate fellow
Abhijeet Joshi - PhD student in Electrical Engineering at UCLA
Ani Asatryan - PhD student in Mathematics at UC Irvine
Jeffrey Hyman - PhD student in Mathematics at Univ Arizona
Chi Wey - Masters in Mech. Engineering, Stanford
Meghdi Aboulian - Masters in Mathematics, USC
Jason Reich, PhD program in Chemistry, Univ of Illinois
Asher Metchik, Masters in Mechanical Engineering, UCLA

Students in industry

Wyatt Toolson, Senior Research Analyst at the Brattle Group
Chi Wey, Systems Engineer, Physical Optics Corporation (after finishing his masters at Stanford)
Meghdi Aboulian, Raytheon (afer finishing her masters at USC)
Asher Metchik, Edwards Lifesciences (Heart Valves)