NSF Research Training Group in Applied Differential Equations and Scientific Computing

Faculty Mentors and Research Advisors 2010:

Maria-Grazia Ascenzi PhD, Assoc. Research Scientist, Dept. Othopaedic Surgery
Paul Ashby, Staff Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Andrea Bertozzi, Professor, UCLA
Alethea Barbaro, PIC Instructor, UCLA
Jen Mei Chang, Assistant Professor, Cal State Long Beach
Rachel Levy, Assistant Professor, Harvey Mudd College
Tim Lucas, Assistant Professor, Pepperdine
George Mohler, Assistant Professor, Santa Clara University
Nebosja Murisic, CAM Assistant Professor, UCLA
Carolyn Salafia, MD, Placental Analytics
Martin Short, CAM Asst. Professor, UCLA
David Uminsky, NSF Postdoc and UC Presidents Fellow
Luminita Vese, Professor, UCLA
Todd Wittman, PIC Instructor, UCLA

Assistant Mentors 2010:

Eric Lewis, PhD student, Mathmatics
Matthew Mata, PhD Student, Mathematics
Nancy Rodriguez, PhD Student, Mathematics
Alex Chen, PhD Student, Mathematics
Joseph Zipkin, PhD Student, Mathematics

Mentors and Research Advisors by Project

Bone growth Modeling: Dr. Ascenzi, Dr. George Mohler
Harvey Mudd Aquatic Robots: Prof. Levy
Placental Imaging: Dr. Salafia, Prof. Vese, Prof. Chang
Slurry Flows: Dr. Murisic, Dr. Bertozzi, Matthew Mata
UCLA robot test bed: Dr. Short, Dr. Bertozzi
Atomic Force Microscopy: Drs. Wittman, Bertozzi, and Ashby, Alex Chen
Crime Modeling: Drs. Lucas, Mohler, and Bertozzi, Eric Lewis
Airborne Toxins:Drs. Wittman and Bertozzi, Joseph Zipkin
Stock Market Models: Dr. Wittman, Alex Chen

Matlab Tutorials: Todd Wittman.....

GRE Subject Exam Preparation: Nancy Rodriguez