Final Class Presentations and Topics

Math 285J Fall 2006

  • December 4: Alex Chen, Well-posedness of Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation in 1D Ernie Esser, semilinear PDEs with discrete spatial operators
  • December 6: Mi Youn Jung, Well-posedness of Image Snake equation, Ethan Brown, A comparison principle of Bob Palais
  • December 8: Jeremy Brandman, Finite time blowup for aggregations with linfty initial data, Yanghong Huang, Simulation of Blowup for an Aggregation Equation
  • December 11:Ben Cook, Calculating Blowup in Semilinear Heat Equations, Julia Dobrosotskaya, Numerical implementation of the LCIS denoising method for 2D images, Ginmo Chung, Fully implicit schemes for 2D Porous Media Equation