Math 266 C Applied Partial Differential Equations Spring 2011

Professor: Andrea L. Bertozzi, 7619C/D MS, X54340,

Teaching Assistant: Joseph Zipkin, MS 3915E

Lectures: 5217 MS, 11am-11:50am, MWF

Office Hour: Bertozzi Friday 10am and 3pm (the latter we will discuss in class if anyone plans to come to office hours)

Approximate course syllabus.

There are also some qual prep sessions scheduled for those who want to go over ADE qual problems.

Grades: will be based on homework (1/4), midterm (1/4), and final exam (1/2)

Midquarter Exam Friday April 29 in class.

Weekly homework assignments will be due on Wednesdays in class. LATE HOMEWORKS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. This is for your benefit to learn the material in a timely fashion.

Final Exam: Wednesday, June 8, 2010 3pm, MS 5217

This will be a 2 hr final.