Math 285J Spring 2013: Topics Course Mathematics of Crime

Lecturers: Andrea Bertozzi and Martin Short

Location: 5147 Math Sciences

Schedule of Lectures

  • Week of April 1 Martin Short - Residential Burglary Model
  • Week of April 8 Andrea Bertozzi - Agent based and PDE models for gang activity
  • Week of April 15 Martin Short
  • Week of April 22 Andrea Bertozzi - Density Estimation
  • Week of April 29 Martin Short
  • Week of May 6 Andrea Bertozzi - Graph based methods
  • Week of May 13 Martin Short
  • Week of May 20 Andrea Bertozzi - Conservation Law Models
  • May 27 No Class Memorial Day
  • May 29 Bertozzi Lecture - Contagion Models
  • May 31 Short Lecture
  • June 3 Ekaterina Murkerjev and Eric Fox
  • June 5 Krishna Bhogaonker and Alexey Stomakhin
  • June 7 Joe Woodworth and Huiyi Hu

    Links to papers

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  • Alexey Stomakhin, Martin B. Short, and Andrea L. Bertozzi, Reconstruction of Missing Data in Social Networks Based on Temporal Patterns of Interactions, Inverse Problems, 27(11), 115013, 2011. preprint version
  • R. A. Hegemann, L. M. Smith, A. Barbaro, A. L. Bertozzi, S. Reid, and G. E. Tita, Geographical influences of an emerging network of gang rivalries, Physica A, Volume 390, Issues 21-22, 15 October 2011, Pages 3894-3914, preprint version.
  • Laura M. Smith, Matthew S. Keegan, Todd Wittman, George O. Mohler and Andrea L. Bertozzi, Improving Density Estimation by Incorporating Spatial Information, EURASIP J. on Advances in Signal Processing, Article ID 265631, doi:10.1155/2010/265631, Volume 2010, 12 pages, special issue on Advanced Image Processing for Defense and Security Applications, 2010.
  • Martin Short, Andrea Bertozzi, and P. J. Brantingham, Nonlinear Patterns in Urban Crime: Hotspots, Bifurcations, and Suppression SIAM J. Appl. Dyn. Syst. Volume 9, Issue 2, pp. 462-483 (2010).
  • M. B. Short, P. J. Brantingham, A. L. Bertozzi, G. E. Tita, Dissipation and displacement of hotspots in reaction-diffusion models of crime, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci., 107(9), March 2, 2010, pp. 3961-3965. doi: 10.1073/pnas.0910921107.
  • Laura M. Smith, Andrea L. Bertozzi, P. Jeffrey Brantingham, George E. Tita, and Matthew Valasik, Adaptation of an Ecological Territorial Model to Street Gang Spatial Patterns in Los Angeles Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems A, 32(9), pp. 3223 - 3244, 2012.

    Additional Material

  • Link to Andrea Bertozzi's lecture at BIRS 2013