Math 33A - Linear Algebra and Applications - Fall 2017

Instructor and Office Hours

Who: Aaron Royer
Where: MS 5634
When: W 10:30-12 & Th 1:30-3
email: aroyer [at] math [dot] ucla [dot] edu


Where: MS 4000A
When: MWF 12-1pm

Teaching Assistants

Jean-Michel Maldague
Yudong Qiu
Laurent Vera


Linear Algebra with Applications, Fifth Edition by Otto Bretscher

Material and Schedule

We'll basically follow the schedule found here.

Grading Policy

I will compute your grade as the maximum of the following two options:
1. 10% quizzes + 30% best midterm + 60% final
2. 10% quizzes + 25% midterm 1 + 25% midterm 2 + 40% final


Most lectures will have a handful of homework problems that go with them. They won't be collected, but I STRONGLY encourage you to keep up with them because...


Most discussion sections will begin with a 10-15 minute quiz which consists of problems taken DIRECTLY from the assigned homework. I will drop the lowest two quiz scores when computing your final grade.


There will be two in-class midterm exams:
Midterm 1: Monday, October 23rd
Midterm 2: Monday, November 20th
You MUST bring your student ID with name matching that on the exam and picture matching the face on your head. There are NO MAKE-UP MIDTERMS. If you have to miss a midterm for whatever reason, it will be dropped and your final grade will be calculated according to formula 1 above.

The final exam is on Friday, December 15th at 3pm. You MUST take the final to pass the class, and there are NO MAKE-UPS.

Academic Integrity

Cheating is an extremely dumb idea. If you cheat, you could easily ruin your college career. So, don't do it.