Aaron M Royer

Welcome! I'm a NSF Postdoctoral Fellow and Assistant Adjunct Professor at UCLA under the mentorship of Mike Hill. I obtained my Ph.D. from UT Austin in May 2016 under the supervision of Andrew Blumberg.


My research is in algebraic topology, particularly on problems inspired by geometry and physics. Here's a list of my papers, including some in progress:
  1. Generalized String Topology and Derived Koszul Duality, on the arxiv.
  2. Order one differential equations on nonisotrivial algebraic curves, with Taylor Dupuy and James Freitag, on the arxiv.
  3. K-theory Computations for Topological Insulators, with Dan Freed, in preparation.
  4. Topological cyclic homology of polynomial E-ring spectra, with Ernie Fontes and Truls B. Raeder, in preparation.
  5. Affinization of S1 and the Witt vectors, in preparation.
  6. Open-closed string topology spectra, in preparation.

Current Teaching (Spring 2018)

Math 115A - Linear Algebra

Past Teaching

Fall 2017: Math 33A - Linear Algebra and Applications
Winter 2018: Math 115A - Linear Algebra


Email: aroyer [at] math [dot] ucla [dot] edu