Spring 2016 Math 32B Discussion Sessions 1E and 1F

TA: Austin Christian ()

Meeting time: 10:00am-10:50am Tuesday (1E), Thursday (1F)

Location: Dodd 167 (1E), Public Affairs 2250 (1F)

Office hours: 11:00am-12:00 noon T/R, MS 3969

Course web pages: CCLE and Piazza

Syllabus: Here

Additional Resource(s): Paul's Online Math Notes


This is where I'll post the notes that help me guide our discussion sessions. They are far from complete, as they are simply meant to jog my memory, so they should not be considered a substitute for attending section. Usually in discussion we will cover some small subset of the notes in more detail than you find here. Finally, remember that these are just quick notes, so I cannot guarantee that they are error-free.


Course evaluations are surveyed on a 1-9 scale, with 1 indicating "failing" and 9 indicating "excellent".
1E (n=20/35) 1F (n=17/36)
Question Mean StDev Median Abstain Mean StDev Median Abstain
How would you rate your TA as an effective teacher? 8.63 0.68 9 1 8.38 0.89 9 1
How would you rate the availability and helpfulness of your TA outside the classroom? 8.41 0.94 9 3 8.31 1.25 9 1
What is your rating of this course independent of the effectiveness of the TA? 7.53 1.39 7 1 7.88 1.45 8.5 1