Considerations before beginning


The procedures for building user interfaces and calling methods written in languages other than Java has changed substantially from Java 1.0.2 and Java 1.1. (For the better I might add). In this document we are using the Java 1.1 procedure for calling methods written in other languages while the user interfaces are constructed using tools that crate Java 1.0.2 code.

The implications of this are

  1. You need to run these programs using Java 1.1. Unfortunately, most of the Java development tools are 1.0.2 based, which means that in order to do this you will probably have to download JDK 1.1 directly from SUN.
  2. You will have to put up with all the warning messages that occur when you compile the user interfaces.
  3. Many of the books on Java programming contain outdated material. This is certainly the case with discussions of native methods (i.e. the calling of methods written in other languages). Fortunately updated sections on native methods in [1] are available via the link [7].