UCLA Analysis Seminar 

Winter 2004

Previous quarters: Fall 1999, Winter 2000, Spring 2000, Fall 2000, Winter 2001, Spring 2001, Fall 2001, Fall 2002,

Winter 2003, Spring 2003, Fall 2003

This year, some of the seminars will be joint with Caltech, and co-organized with Wilhelm Schlag.

Time: Fridays, 3.00pm, Location: MS 6221 (Caltech talks are Sloan 159).

Some of the speakers may arrange to speak at different times/locations. See the UCLA Math Department's weekly seminar
list for official announcements. 

Fri Jan 9

No seminar

Fri Jan 16

(Joint, UCLA)

(3pm) Ciprian Demeter, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, “Return times theorems and almost everywhere convergence of one-sided singular integral operators in L_1”

(4pm) Joachim Puig, U. Barcelona, “The ten martini problem

Fri Jan 23

Sunhi Choi, MIT, “Free boundary problems”

Fri Jan 30

(3 pm) Mihai Putinar, UCSB, “Positivity aspects of the Fantappie transform

(4 pm) Hakin Hedenmalm, KTH Stockholm, “Weighted Bergman Spaces and the Integral Mean Spectrum of

Univalent Functions”

Fri Feb 6

(Joint, Caltech; Sloan 159)

(3 pm) Ben Green, University of British Columbia/Cambridge University, “A Szemeredi-type regularity lemma for abelian groups"

(4 pm) Van Vu, UCSD, “The Erdos-Folkman conjecture

Fri Feb 13

Pieter Blue, Rutgers University, "Dispersion of solutions to the wave equation on the Schwarzschild manifold"

Fri Feb 20

(Joint, UCLA)

Justin Holmer, University of Chicago, "A uniform local smoothing estimate for the 1D Zakharov system"

Fri Feb 27

Luke Rogers, Yale University,  “Extension operators for Sobolev spaces”

Fri Mar 5

(Joint, Caltech)

(3 pm) Douglas Wright, University of Toronto, “Higher order corrections to the KdV approximation for water waves

(4 pm) Wilhelm Schlag, Caltech, “Some remarks on quasi periodic Schroedinger operators on the discrete line”

Fri Mar 12

Mei-Chu Chang, UC Riverside, “Beyond the Erdos-Szemeredi sum-product theorem”

Fri Mar 19

(Joint, UCLA)

(3 pm) Terence Tao, UCLA, “Global regularity, well-posedness, and scattering for the energy-critical non-linear Schrodinger equation in three dimensions”

(4 pm) Artur Avila, SUNY Stony Brook, “One-dimensional quasiperiodic SL(2,R) cocycles”

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