UCLA Analysis Seminar 

Fall 2006

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Time: Fridays, 3.00pm, Location: MS 6221.

Some of the speakers may arrange to speak at different times/locations. See the UCLA Math Department's weekly seminar
list for official announcements. 

Fri Oct 6

Nils Dencker, Lundt Univ (Sweden), “Solvability and the Nirenberg-Treves Conjecture”

Fri Oct 13

John Garnett, UCLA, "Approximation Theorems and Problems related to Interpolating Blaschke Products"

Fri Oct 20

Assaf Naor, Microsoft Reasearch , "Dvoretzky theorem in metric spaces"

Fri Oct 27

James Ralston, UCLA, "Spectral rigidity for rectangular domains"

Fri Nov 3

Terence Tao, UCLA, "The global well-posedness and scattering problem for the mass-critical NLS"

Fri Nov 10


Fri Nov 17

Antoine Mellet, UBC, "Compressible Navier-Stokes equations with non-constant viscosity coefficients"

Fri Dec 1

Karel Pravda-Starov, UC Berkeley, "Pseudospectrum of elliptic quadratic differential operators"

Fri Dec 8

Akos Magyar, Univ. of Georgia, Athens, "Some arithmetic properties of dense sets of integers or integer points"

Fri Dec 15



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