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    Hey everyone!

    On Monday, Nov 30th we will have our final event of the quarter - CIGNA Information Session . If you are interested in hearing about this fantastic company, please RSVP
    When: Monday, Nov 30th at 6:15PM
    Where: MS 6627

    Please also check out the following events: Dinner With Liberty Mutual Actuarial Students
    When: Tuesday, Nov 24th at 6:00PM

    Professor Talk with Professor David Taylor
    When: Monday, November 23 at 5 PM
    Where: MS 6227
    Why: Come learn about Professor Taylor's experience with Mathematics & Finance as he will be discussing surprising application of pure mathematics in finance, mysterious shortcomings of our models, and practical tools of the trade.
    How: Simply RSVP

    Happy 6th Week! As promised in our last email, BAS, along with UMSA and Statistics Club will be hosting the Teamwork Workshop Tuesday (Nov. 10th), 6:30PM, at SMC (MS 3974). If you want to learn how to become an effective group member, to improve your communication and problem-solving skills, this is definitely a great chance for you to practice! Also, we promise that this workshop is going to be very fun!

    The link to RSVP is here: RSVP

    Right now we are in the thick of recruiting season, and we know many of you are getting interviews! In order to help you practice, we will be hosting mock interviews starting this Friday and lasting until next Friday in MS2354.

    If you sign up, we expect you to show up. Please treat this like an actual interview. You are not required to dress up in business casual, but please bring your resume.

    If you do need to cancel, you can do so on the website. We will open up more time slots if we need to.

    Good luck to those who have interviews this week!

    The link to RSVP is here: RSVP

    We are going to have a Resume Workshop on October 20th, co-hosted with UMSA and Stats Club. We will start at 6:15PM in Boelter 2444. After the workshop, we will have time to critique resumes so please bring a paper copy (one will do).

    The link to RSVP is here: RSVP

    Hope to meet you all! Have a great day!

    As we promised at the General Meeting, our mentorship mixer is going to take place on Oct. 13th, from 6pm-8pm, at MS 6221.


    This year, each officer will be taking four students as their mentees, and if you are not assigned to an officer, you will have an experienced senior to be your mentor! Moreover, partnering in the Mentorship Mixer will be required to eventually participate in the CORPORATE MENTORSHIP program (details TBA).

    If you are interested in becoming a MENTEE, this is a great chance for you to connect with the officers, and also learn more about the actuarial field! Please sign up here: Mentee sign up This mentorship program is mainly for 1st year, 2nd year and 1st year transfer students, but everyone is welcome to join the event!

    If you are interested in becoming a MENTOR (Seniors only), this is certainly a great highlight that you can put on your resume! Please sign up here: Mentor sign up

    ************************** VERY IMPORTANT INFO BELOW **************************

    During the Mixer: Each officer will give a brief introduction of who they are and what they can offer as a mentor. And each member, who wants to become a mentee, will get 30sec -1min to talk to each officer, and then will get the chance to choose your top three!

    After the Mixer: We will match you up with a mentor, either an officer or an experienced senior! Have fun!

    Again, please remember that once you sign up, we definitely expect you to show up unless you have an emergency.

    Looking forward to meeting you all! Have a great day!

    BAS's Eighth Annual Career Fair is on October 5th. Please remember that you have to attend one of two mandatory prep sessions in order to attend the career fair. The first session will be Towers Watson's Info Session on Thursday, October 1st at Boelter 2444 , starting at 6:15PM . The next session will be DW Simpson's Info Sesion on Monday, October 5th at Physics and Astronomy 1434A, starting at 4:00 PM .

    Pay For Career Fair Via PayPal
    LATE Career Fair RSVP
    Towers Watson Information Session RSVP
    Liberty Mutual Information Session RSVP
    DW Simpson Information Session RSVP

    Please note that for those who want to RSVP still for the Career Fair, there is a $10 extra fee -- so the total cost will be $45. No cash payments are accepted, only through PayPal. Those that have paid, but forgot to RSVP: RSVP via the link above . You do not have to pay the late fee, however your nametags might need to be handwritten.

    Hello wonderful members! I hope you all had a wonderful Week 0!

    The powerpoint presentation from the Freshmen/International Workshop can be found here: Freshman Workshop Presentation and International Student Workshop Presentation.

    Hello wonderful members! Some announcements on this year's career fair:

    The date will be October 5th, starting from 5:00PM until 7:30PM at Ackerman Grand Ballroom.

    The sign-up sheet for the career fair is here: Please pay before you sign-up.

    In order to attend, you will have to attend a MANDATORY Career Fair Prep Session, hosted by one of two companies. Towers Watson, an actuarial consulting company, will be hosting a joint prep/information session on October 1st. DW Simpson, an actuarial recruiting company, will also host a joint prep/information session immediately before the career fair. The dress code is strictly business formal .

    Starting this year, non-UCLA students are NOT allowed to attend the Career Fair . You WILL be required to have a UCLA ID in order to attend. If you are an alumni, you will be allowed to attend - please email with subject heading Alumni Career Fair from your UCLA email for more information.

    For those who did not attend our general meeting, here is a copy of our powerpoint presentation: General Meeting Presentation.

    Hello wonderful members! Please make sure to sign up on our emailing list:

    We are currently offering virtual resume critiques; please email with subject line Fall 2015 Virtual Resume Critique and an officer will get back to you shortly.

    This year we will also be publishing a resume book to our Career Fair firms. If you wish to have your resume in this resume book, please email with the subject line Resume Book Submission by the end of the day, September 25th .

    Have a great last week of summer everyone and we look forward to meeting you soon!

    Hello wonderful members! The school year has not yet started, but those of you who want to sign up for our membership can do so here:
    BAS 2015-16 Membership.

    For those who want to sign up on our emailing list, do so here:

    For those who are new to BAS, welcome! Check out our webpage, our officers, and of course our Facebook/LinkedIn pages.
    BAS Facebook
    BAS LinkedIn

    Most commonly asked questions can be found on our BAS Handbook. It also provides a guide to everything you would want to know about the actuarial career and the actuarial program here at UCLA. Take a look!
    BAS 2015-16 Handbook

    For any other questions, feel free to direct them to

    Stay tuned towards August/Early September for more on the 15-16 school year!