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    Hello wonderful members! The school year has not yet started, but those of you who want to sign up for our membership can do so here:
    BAS 2015-16 Membership.

    For those who want to sign up on our emailing list, do so here:
    Email List.

    For those who are new to BAS, welcome! Check out our webpage, our officers, and of course our Facebook/LinkedIn pages.
    BAS Facebook
    BAS LinkedIn

    Most commonly asked questions can be found on our BAS Handbook. It also provides a guide to everything you would want to know about the actuarial career and the actuarial program here at UCLA. Take a look!
    BAS 2015-16 Handbook

    For any other questions, feel free to direct them to

    Stay tuned towards August/Early September for more on the 15-16 school year!