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Anouk's Statistical Information

Anouk does not surprise us with her

4/18/99: 53 cm (21 inch) and 3310g (7 lbs 5 oz)

at birth. But already after five days, Anouk is back to her birth-weight, which is expected to happen after about 10 days. And at her 'U2' (well check on her tenth day) Anouk is

4/28/99: 51 cm (!!) (20 inch) and 3640g (8 lbs 4oz)

already. Surprises are caused by both measurements. Although we do trust the scales quite a bit, length measurements for infants seem very unreliable. But the surprises do not stop: Her 'U3' (well check on her eighth week) reveal the following:

6/8/99: 56 cm (22 inch) and 5050g (11 lbs 2 oz)(!!)

According to the doctor, infants grow about 100g per week and at most 200g per week if they are on the 'overweight' side. Figure out the expected weight, given that there are five weeks between the 'U2' and 'U3'. But because Anouk is exclusively nursed only, there is no worry.

8/20/99: 64 cm (25 inch) and 7100g (15 lbs 10 oz)

5/1/00: 75 cm (30 inch) and 9560g (21 lbs 1 oz)

2/7/01: 81 cm (32 inch) and 12kg (26 lbs 14 oz)