Nicholas Cook

As of Sept. 2016 I have moved to Stanford University. My new webpage is here.

I was a graduate student in the Mathematics Department at UCLA, studying random matrices under the advice of Terence Tao. In September 2016 I will start an NSF postdoc at Stanford University under the supervision of Amir Dembo.

Nick Cook


Email: nickcook at math dot ucla dot edu
Office: Mathematical Sciences, 6147


Analysis, probability and combinatorics;
Random matrices and related fields (random graphs, additive combinatorics, geometric functional analysis); applications to mathematical physics and theoretical computer science.

Papers and preprints

(also available on arXiv)



Instructor for:
2015–2016: No teaching.
Winter 2015: Math 32BH Multivariable Calculus II (honors). Course website.
2013–2014: No teaching.

Teaching assistant for:
Spring 2015: Math 111 Theory of Numbers, Professor Chandrashekhar Khare. Course webpage
Spring 2015: Math 32A Multivariable Calculus.
Spring 2013: Math 171 Stochastic Processes, Dr. Nestor Guillen. Course webpage.
Winter 2013: Math 245B Graduate Real Analysis, Professor Terence Tao. OH Tu 11:30-12:30, Th 12:30-1:30.
      Handout: Weak convergence implies strong convergence in l^1.
      Winter 2002 #5 is a qualifying exam problem with 1) a fast solution, and 2) a closed graph theorem solution.
Fall 2012: Math 245A Graduate Real Analysis, Professor John Garnett. Course handout.
      Solutions to selected homework problems (the exercises are from Terry Tao's measure theory text).
Summer 2012: Math 115A Linear Algebra, Dr. Blake Hunter. Course webpage.
Spring 2012: Math 171 Stochastic processes, Professor Marek Biskup.
Winter 2012: Math 170B Probability, Section 2, Professor Lincoln Chayes.
Fall 2011: Math 33A Linear Algebra, Professor Rowan Killip.
Spring 2011: Math 33A Linear Algebra, Professor Alan Laub.
Winter 2011: Math 33B Differential Equations, Professor Bruce Rothschild.
Fall 2010: Math 32A Multivariable Calculus, Dr. Mario Micheli.