David Penneys
Assistant Adjunct Professor (Postdoc) in Mathematics at UCLA
Office: MS 7304
Office hours: to be decided
Email: dpenneys (at) math (dot) ucla (dot) edu

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About me:

I received my Ph.D. from the Unviversity of California, Berkeley in 2012 under the supervision of Vaughan Jones. I completed a 2 year postdoc from 2012-2014 at the University of Toronto under the supervision of Dror Bar-Natan and George Elliott. I study subfactor theory, a subject in operator algebras with connections to a wide variety of mathematics, including tensor and fusion categories, quantum algebra, mathematical physics, and non-commutative geometry.

Here is a copy of my Curriculum Vitae.
Here is a link to my articles on the arXiv.

Mathematics Teaching

Spring 2016 Winter 2016 Fall 2015 Spring 2015 Winter 2015 Fall 2014
  • Probability for Life Sciences Students Math 3C
  • Operator Algebras on Hilbert Space Math 259A

Mathematics Research

Peer reviewed journal articles Conference Proceedings
  • Zhengwei Liu and David Penneys. The generator conjecture for 3^G subfactor planar algebras. 2015. To appear in the Proceedings in honor of Vaughan F. R. Jones' 60th birthday conferences. [arXiv:1507.04794]
  • David Penneys (joint work with André Henriques and James Tener). Planar algebras in modular tensor categories. 2015. Oberwolfach Reports. [DOI:10.4171/OWR/2015/16]
arXiv preprints
  • Narjess Afzaly, Scott Morrison, and David Penneys. The classification of subfactors with index at most 5+1/4. 2015. [arXiv:1509.00038]
  • André Henriques, David Penneys, and James Tener. Categorified trace for module tensor categories over braided tensor categories. 2015. [arXiv:1509.02937]
  • André Henriques and David Penneys. Bicommutant categories from fusion categories. 2015. [arXiv:1511.05226]
  • André Henriques, David Penneys, and James Tener. Planar algebras in braided tensor categories. In preparation.
  • Michael Hartglass and David Penneys. C*-algebras from planar algebras III: spectral triples and quantum metric spaces. In preparation.
  • A book on linear algebra that I wrote Summer 2008 [pdf]
  • David Penneys. Planar structure for inclusions of finite von Neumann algebras. 2012. [pdf]

Conference and seminar talks

2017 2016 2015 2014
  • UC San Diego 12/4. The 2D2 subfactor
  • UC Davis Mathematical Physics & Probability seminar 10/29. Applications of subfactors and fusion categories to mathematical physics [Beamer slides]
  • USC Hopf working seminar 10/14. Planar algebras, Hopf algebras, and fusion categories
  • UCLA Workshop on von Neumann algebras and ergodic theory 9/22-26. Classifying small index subfactors, [Beamer slides]
  • Stanford University 8/22. Planar algebras and evaluation algorithms
  • University of Ottawa (Summer School in Operator Algebras) 7/7-11. Lecture series on the Theory of Subfactors cancelled
  • AMS MRC on Mathematics of Quantum Phases of Matter and Quantum Information 6/24-30. Ostrik's classification of rank 3 pivotal fusion categories
  • GPOTS, Kansas State University 5/27-31. Half hour plenary speaker. Classifying small index subfactors [Beamer slides]
  • Vanderbilt NCGOA 5/2-8. Mini course on Introduction to subfactors. [course notes (first draft), written notes used during lecture, notes on other talks]
  • Vanderbilt 4/25. Classifying small index subfactors [notes]
  • Duke University 4/8. Planar algebras and evaluation algorithms
  • NC State University 4/7. Planar algebras and evaluation algorithms
  • University of New South Wales 3/17. 1-supertransitive subfactors with index at most 6.2
  • The Australian National University 3/11. 1-supertransitive subfactors with index at most 6.2 [notes]
  • UC Riverside 2/27 (Colloquium). Classifying small index subfactors [Beamer slides]
  • UC Davis 1/6. Exotic fusion categories
  • UC Berkeley 11/8. Free graph algebras and GJS C*-algebras
  • UC San Diego 11/7. 1-supertransitive subfactors with index at most 6.2
  • Subfactors in Maui 7/15. Chirality and principal graph obstructions
  • Canadian Annual Symposium on Operator Algebras and Their Applications (COSy) 5/27. Subfactors of index 3+\sqrt{5} [Beamer slides]
  • Institut de Mathematiques de Bourgogne - workshop on fusion categories 5/21-3. Fusion categories between C \boxtimes D and C * D (with applications to subfactors at index 3+\sqrt{5}) [Beamer slides]
  • Northwestern University 4/24. Subfactors of index 3+\sqrt{5}
  • Loyola University 4/17. Planar algebras
  • University of Waterloo 4/5. GJS C*-algebras
  • University of Tokyo 3/12. Constructing subfactors with jellyfish
  • The Australian National University 2/5. Planar algebra
  • Western University 12/10. Constructing subfactors with jellyfish
  • Univrtsity of Michigan, Dearborn colloquium 12/7. Planar algebra
  • UC San Diego 11/13. Constructing subfactors with jellyfish
  • UC Santa Barbara 11/13. Constructing subfactors with jellyfish
  • ECOAS 10/7. Constructing subfactors with the jellyfish algorithm [Beamer slides]
  • Subfactors in Maui 7/16. Spokes, jellyfish, trains, and tails
  • UCLA 6/6. Jellyfish, trains, and principal graph stability
  • UC Santa Barbara 1/31. Automated jellyfish
2011 2010
  • University of Tokyo operator algebras seminar 7/8. Killing weeds with annular multiplicities *10
  • Kyushu University operator algebras seminar 7/26. Killing weeds with annular multiplicities *10
  • Vanderbilt NCGOA 5/11. The embedding theorem for finite depth subfactor planar algebras [Beamer slides]
  • IMSC colloquium 2/26. Categories and pictures
  • GWU topology seminar 1/12. Examples of planar algebras
  • GWU analysis seminar 3/25. Planar algebras and knot polynomials
Here is a pdf file of all abstracts of conference and seminar talks I have given from 2007-present.

Conferences and seminars organized

International and national conferences Seminars
  • Quantum algebra seminar at the Fields Institute Fall 2013 - Spring 2014 [talk abstracts]
  • Subfactor seminar at UC Berkeley Fall 2009 - Spring 2012
  • Student subfactor seminar at UC Berkeley Spring 2008 - Fall 2009

Surveys, expository articles, and miscellaneous

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